Friday, January 22, 2010


~::{Momentum, by me}::~

I have a feeling that this year is going to be flippy-floppy.  No, not like the sandals...but wouldn't that be nice to be living on the beach?  No, what I mean is that as things come into alignment they are going to create flip flop emotions inside of me.  The famous butterflies in the tummy.  The feeling of uncertainty that clouds your vision, even if temporarily.

I have been asking all those who will listen from above to streamline my life, to take away the unnecessary garbage that is taking my precious time and wasting it, to help me become the businesswoman that I want to be...alll this is happening in quick measure.  It's all happening like a tidal wave in slow know it's coming but you are anchored and can't move. 

And I am standing here wondering if all is good.

My new website is coming along beautifully and I am so excited to have it launch.  But gosh, such a big step for me!  Will people buy from it?, how are they even going to find me out there will millions of other people?, blah, blah, know the ugly fear monster keeps on chattering away happy that he could get a mini novel dissertation in before dinner has even come to a close.  I'm trying to shut  him up because it really is going to be beautiful.  I will definitely post more in the coming days about it when it is ready to go live.

I am trying to keep calm and carry on, as the popular phrase intones.  Gracie said that this is all good, for old crap has to be moved out of the way for the new, good stuff to come in.  She is right...but I feel like I am in limbo again!  Conversations that were had have not yet come to fruition and I wonder if I am good enough.  Seriously, what is up with not feeling like I deserve to be moving forward?   Ugh!  I have always walked through, with my head held high, for who I am is not a reflection on anyone else but me.  Yet, I feel a little sad about all of this.  I guess the letting go process still carries the tie of emotions and energy that has been invested into a project, job, person, whatever.  You still need to process through that and release any attachment associated with it to move forward.  That includes feeling a bit sentimental, I suppose.  sniff.  sniff.

Momentum...the word, the mantra.  It's hanging on my fridge as a constant reminder to keep on going. 
Say it with me..momentum, momentum, momentum....
Keep repeating it.

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Barefoot from Heaven said...

Oh will do perfectly fine. But I do know where you're in right this moment.

And didn't you give me the same advice a couple of weeks ago. I'm still holding back...but not for that long anymore. Business cards are being printed, my site will be up in the air about the end of the month.. and still I'm ....holding back. Why? Guess only God knows our path...Do have faith my dear friend. You'll get there. When you need to be...
Just keep believing in yourself because you are worth it, you are good in many ways. Sweet hugs from my heart to yours.

Oh and do send me your site when you can, I wanna have a peek.
bye's for now. Dagmar


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