Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Sweet Honor

If you can imagine my surprise the other day when I received a comment from my lovely red headed beauty across the ocean saying that I was on her list of award recipients for the kreativ blog awards!  This uber talented lady named Dagmar has enchanted me with her exquisite photgraphy, humble nature and sweet, kind words.  So thank you my dear friend for such an honor...for a person that never had plans to share herself with the world as I have started to do. 

So here are the rules...

1. Thank the person given the award (just did that)

2. Copy award to this blog (just did that too)

3. Place a link to that blog (check)

4. Name seven things people don't know about you (are you sure that you really want to know?)

5. Nominate 7 blogger who you admire (coming soon)
        1. Dagmar from Barefoot from Heaven of Course (see above)
         2. Graciel of Evenstar Art...oh honey where do I begin with this one?  This lady has been a constant source of inspiration, laughter, advice, support, name it!  She is awesome!
         3. Don from Unconventional Questions...that sense of humor let me tell you...and the sweetest most caring heart. 
         4.  Debbie from Sugar Free Seer...that lady just tells it like it is!  No mixed messages or misconstrued notions.  Her honesty and great outlook on life just set you straight!
        5. Lovely Ms. Etole from  Just...a moment.  Her sweet words and viewpoints bring you the place of introspection and self vision.
        6. Jeanne from Daily Reflections from Atwater Pond.  I am so glad to have met her, even if it is through cyberspace.  Thanks to her, my love of Yanni began...
        7.Elise from Lucky Danger...she is so talented in so many ways.

6. Place a link to these bloggers (please see my side bar, I am very tired at the moment from working on my new website)

7. Leave a comment on their blog to notifying them of the award.

So, 7 Things about me that you're all just dying to know...
1.  I love cheese.  Really, it's an obsession of sorts.  My friends don't call me the cheese queen for nothing you know.  I am a virtual cornucopia of cheese facts, tastes, textures, self lives...are you hungry yet?  It doesn't hurt that I "do cheese" for a living (at least for the moment), but really I would give up meat before cheese in all of it's salty, creamy goodness.

2. I am an Aquarian with a crazy, unconventional chart.  Meaning, I have some "uncharacteristic" characteristics...although, I am quite endearing, you know.

3. I have very vivid, if not prophetic dreams.  I dream of events that occur in the future and experience A LOT of deja vous.  A lot of the time, these dreams don't make know weird snippits of everyday life that show up a day, week, year or more later.  I always know when there are changes coming because I dream of the people that I am going to meet.  I don't always see their faces, but I remember random tidbits like the tile on the floor or a pair of shoes, or specific sounds or actions.  One time I dreamt that I was up in the rafters of a building with a lady that had blonde hair.  Confusing, strange.  Well, about 6 months later, at my then new job, I was in the rafters of the building picking out decorations with by blonde haired manager. 

I know...weird.

4.  I have a penchant for the religious and absolutely love anything to do with the "Mary's" of the bible.  They are my gals and they help me along the way.  More to come about them in the future, for sure.

5.  I play english handbells and direct a handbell choir for my church.  I have been playing them since I was 10, so that's only for ...let's see 12 years, yeah that's right.  No, really more like 28.  I'm getting older but I'm still a bell ringer!

6.  I'm funny, romantic, a loyal friend, hard worker, get bored easily, like salty food, drink wine, don't exercise enough, need a haircut (you know a real one, not the one I gave myself just the other day..although, I did a pretty good job)

7.  I like a challenge and have always gone in directions that have been harder, rockier or more difficult to manouver...if I didn't what would there be to write about?

There, no more about me.  Time for bed!


Barefoot from Heaven said...

Ohhhh....I'm still totaly still. And you make my eyes water again...Should I thank you now??? YEAAAA. Love what you said about me, I just grew a couple of inches. Man you do see a lot of potential in me! And I'm also flabergasted (did I spell this right, didn't feel like looking things up) about sharing myself. Still I'm a little holding back at it. Need to find balance and ground underneath my feet that is steady.

Now about you:
I love the fact that you crave for cheese do come to Holland my friend and you will die...of all the wonderful cheeses we have. We aren't The cheese country for notting. You're more than welcome here...or what about house exchange? Get the idea? Get the fibes? talk about that later.

And you are so good in expressing yourself putting into words who you are. Reflecting. Brilliant.
Well sweetie I'm looking forward to my new earrings...can't wait.. Oh and I'm almost in the air with my new webshop. Keep you informed. It won't be etsy for now. I'm sending you the stuff when I'm ready.

Hope you slept okay. I'm turning myself in right now. My eyes are tooo heavy. Sweet hugs my friend. I'm so so so gladd I've met you.

Jeanne Klaver said...

Thank you so much for mentioning me! I have had so much fun following your blog and wearing the beautiful jewelry you made. Everywhere I go I get comments on it. We are so alike: Cheese; prophetic dreams (not weird, but howhowhow does this happen?); handbells; salty food; wine...I'm so glad you posted these details about yourself. Now I have a better understanding why your jewelry carries the energy I need. Congratulations~you deserve this award.

S. Etole said...

What a lovely surprise to see my name here ... thank you so very much. And I'm excited with you about the new places your jewelry is being shown.


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