Sunday, August 2, 2009

Inspired Life Lesson #8...Intention

~*::{Flowers for me, from a friend}::*~

I have never had much patience
everyone tells me so
I am always in overdrive
a flood of information
at the drop of a hat

this scares some people

I suppose my intensity
has never been channeled
into a proper
I do know
that if I set my mind to something
if I truly desire it
it will be mine

the power of intention is amazing

I was told yesterday that this year
from birthday to birthday
is made up of three principles
for me
all three working
in synergy

a spiral of force surrounding love

I was also told that
I need to take a breath
and not peek at the souffle
in the oven
for it won't rise
if it isn't allowed to work
in the right time

I send forth my intention
for myself and my conspirators
that we three gain the courage
to be exactly what we need to be
at the right time for us
and to not fear
those who don't believe in our possibility
especially ourselves
seeing with clear vision
what we are about to become

1 comment:

Graciel @ Evenstar Art said...

i simply love this. and you.


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