Tuesday, December 22, 2009


~*{ One of my favorite pictures from The Summer of Pink and Yellow, by me of course}*~

Today is my Rebirthday.  And today, I turn One.  A whole year has come to pass since my scare with the thing in my head, the little smudge that turned a life around.  Today was the day that all things that I thought to be true vanished.  I was stunned, and scared about my future.  That day started a journey of the soul that has led me to know my self better, to hash out all of the muck that has held me back, to birth the real person that I am inside.
So today I celebrate my Rebirthday, with a searing headache that feels as if a poker is going through my left eye then up and around my head...the same side of the smudge.  Maybe it's just saying, don;t forget of what I have done for you, remember me for my goodness.  Maybe it just wants to have a piece of cake.  We all like cake, don't we?  But really, it's probably just the stress of not being quite where I wanted to be in life (and still in a place that doesn't hold my highest and best good as a top priority), a year later from the day of reconning.  Maybe it's saying, you made a promise not to be stuck in your old life, so get on with it there sweetheart.  I'll take that last statement to be the truth.  I am getting on with it, because I am further along the path than I sometimes realize.
So when I write to you on my second Rebirthday these are the wishes that I would love to have come true...
1. to be happy and healthy, with the same for all that I hold dear
2. To be living my dream life and being fulfilled by the truest and best career/job/occupation that I choose
3.  To keep sharing myself with the world, one snippit at a time (and that people want to hear about it!)
4.  To have my soul bloom into all that I need at that moment, to be my truest and best self

Happy Rebirthday to me!


Barefoot from Heaven said...

I'm here with you to celebrate my friend. Happy Rebirthday! And may all your wishes and dreams come true. #3 is already taking place right here right now. So don't worry about that one for a year. And #2 is on it's way to bloom I'm sure. #1 and #4 is all in yours and Gods hands but I do believe things will be fine for you. Happy days.

Jeanne Klaver said...

Oh happy happy rebirthday! May all your wishes come true. Keep believing...

S. Etole said...

Blessings for your day as you continue your walk.


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