Thursday, January 27, 2011

Birthday Wishes

~A slice of love from my soul sister G~

Today is my birthday and I am 39.  The last year of my 30's.  The end of a decade.  And I find myself in need of, ha..get this... focus.  It is my chosen word for the year and I feel as if I am starting to crave it from the inside out.  Things are moving full steam ahead, flying by me at warp speed.  Yet, I am standing still.

Within the past week I have the innate sense to recreate everything...a good and bad quality of mine.  Good in the sense that I have high standards, bad in the sense that it always costs me money :P  I do suppose it is because as I evolve, I change my vision and I want that inner vision reflected outward.  It it bad to have this change swirl all around me?

So, on my birthday I want to list a few things that I am thankful for...share them with you, my friends:
I am thankful for...
~ my family, my small little unit of love that keeps my heart afloat
~my friends, they fill my life with laughter and craziness...they are priceless to my sanity
~ being able to wake up every day on this earth and feel that I am alive
~my growing sense of Spirituality, my increased abilities and connection to all things spiritual
~my ability to create and share beauty with the world
~ the knowing that all challenges and obstacles are what have shaped my soul
~ the drive and determination to be self employed...I still need to overcome the fear of no safety net
~ my wings to fly

Thank you to all who have wished me beautiful greetings this day...I love you all!

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Jeanne Klaver said...

This is a beautiful post. I wish you a happy, happy birthday.


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