Monday, September 29, 2008


Have I ever been
the reflection
of what you have wanted
Has your heart
skipped a beat
when it met my eyes
Do you feel that
I have been more
than just something
to pass the time
I have heard from
the lips of others
that I am not
what you have wanted
not your desire
not your dream
not your loves design

and I can't breathe

How has this happened,
that I have been
led astray
Wishful thinking
with stars in my eyes
dazzled by my dreams
of the perfect life
I suppose
that you have secrets
wishes of someone
that will make you whole
Since I am not she
free me from my bondage
for the love that you
have left me to taste
is bittersweet
So I pray
from the deepness of my soul
for the answers I seek
for the clarity in love
so that I might know
that I am loved
how I should be
without pretense
or reservation
to be loved without
wearing a mask
so that I am not
just a figment
an illusion of your perfection
that I am not

I wish for my tears to stop
and for joy to come to me
and lift this veil
with the hand of someone
who wants me
as much as I want them


Graciel @ Evenstar Art said...

Oh, Darling, this is bittersweet and beautiful. xo

debra said...

The Goddess of Hope is never without Love! She makes it so the rest of us are never without a gleem in our eye, there by, she is loved by all who seek Love. We all Love to Hope, don't we. Awesome and powerful words you write.

From This Moment to That said...

Sending you a huge hug again and a handkerchief for your tears Kasia! There is someone waiting for you.. out there under that big old sky. Their heart may be patched like all of our hearts, but anyone who writes as you do cannot fail to find love. They may be the next person you meet!
Love XX

Kasia Blue said...

Thank you all my dear friends in love and matter how far away you are ;)


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