Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fear Me Roar

Today there has been much talk. People in panic mode scurrying around trying to make sense of their loveless and unfulfilling lives. It would seem to many that the world is crashing down. So many changes, crises, hurtful people, hurtful words, murder...you name it. Things have definitely gone askew. The full moon, no doubt, just loved having its crafty little hand in there stirring the pot. I am sure that this has not helped matters in the least.

So why all this fear? What are we so afraid of? That things won't "go our way"? That , *gasp*, we might have to have a little self control and actually have to make choices that require restraint? What has all of this excess gotten us? We are spiritually poorer than we have ever been in history. People are consumed only by what makes them "feel good" and not about the things can make us truly happy. Gee, what will that face-lifted, tummy-tucked, botoxed princess do if she actually has to do the laundry, fire the maid and nanny, cancel the trip to see her pomeranian get a pedicure in Borneo, and possibly ...get ready...have to...I can't say it...do without?

Is that what we're really afraid of?

Not being able to satisfy what we want, when we want it?

Like the man who nearly ran over a lady in the grocery store because he actually had to walk back in the same direction that he had come from to get some fresh mozarella, shouting that it was F*ing ludicrous that he actually had to ...possibly...get this...get it himself?

Why are we allowing this selfishness?

The arrogance?

The inability to do things for oneself?

One word sums it up...fear.

Just what would happen if we were not the end all be all? Not number one for a change? If we didn't have the biggest house or the nicest car? Or were the most popular? Or the most Barbielicious (that refers to the aforementioned gal that has had so much work done that it even would make Barbie cry)? What if we had to be self sufficient?

Things are changing. And, we will have to adapt. We will have no choice.

Open your hearts to love and let all of the fear crap go. Be done with it! We're really suffering because of it!

There, I'm done...thanks for listening!


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