Monday, September 1, 2008

I Have Traveled the Heavens to Find You

I have traveled eternity to find you

through the heavens and the stars

Wandering from galaxy to galaxy

only to catch a glimpse of your face

Have you no regard for one

who loves you so?

No endearment to the one

who would traverse heaven and hell

only to be with you

You beguile me with your laughter

as you glide away on a new adventure

far from home in a land unknown

Has this fulfilled your desires?

Take the ribbon from your hair

and unravel the strands of time

that pass between us

for I am weak in your absence

Shall I wander as this lost soul forever?

Look to me, in the night sky

lift your glorious face to me

cast your gaze on the one who loves you

I am here waiting for you

I have searched the heavens

through Andromeda and Pleiades

chatting only with Venus along the way

hoping for some sage advice

Will you wait for me

as I prepare your hearts desire?

Do not run any longer

for you are where you need to be

Do not turn away
for I love you

Stay with me
my love
you are

Poem by Kasia, September 2008
The angel photo is a stock image that I found while looking up the Pleiades. Never forget that there are angles all around us lifting us up to the heavens when the world becomes too much to bear.

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My Mind Clicking and Clicking said...

I love your poem, it's SO beautiful!!
:) :)


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