Monday, March 8, 2010

Kitty Update

~*:: Loving the attention, just scratch a little more to the right, that's it::*~
I  know that many of you have been following the kitty saga, so here are some new pictures of our lovely lasses. Ginny has really warmed up to us and actually spends a decent amount of time with us now, Bella on the other hand has kept her distance.  She will come up to eat in the night and will play with Ginny and Coco at night (thye're as loud as a heard of elephants sometimes, I tell you), but otherwise, she's still not ready for complete lovin'.  So we'll give her the breathing room that she needs. 
~*:: Eating treats right out of the girls hands::*~
~*:: Look at me, so beautiful::*~
~*:: I don't like paparazzi::*~
The three muskateers, fighting for treats in the kitchen.

1 comment:

S. Etole said...

looks like you are making progress ...


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