Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'll play along...if i were

**photo courtesy of free e-cards**

if i were a month i'd be September with crisp air and a kaleidoscope of colors,

if i were a day i’d be autumn equinox,

if i were a time of day i’d be sunset, with brillinat colors dancing through the sky,

if i were a font i’d be something scrolled, ornate and complicated,

if i were a sea animal i’d be a dolphin,

if i were a direction i’d be northwest,

if i were a piece of furniture i’d be

a soft comfortable couch...the kind you could sink into and not want to leave

if i were a liquid i’d be olive oil...nourishing to the body and the soul,

if i were a gemstone i’d be labradorite, flashy and mysterious

if i were a tree i’d be apple,

if i were a tool i’d be a hammer,

if i were a flower i’d be an iris of the most glorious blue purple color,

if i were an element of weather i’d be wind,

if i were a musical instrument i’d be a violin,

if i were a color i’d be cerulean blue,

if i were an emotion i’d be love,

if i were a fruit i’d be a cantaloupe,

if i were a sound i’d be the laughter of a child,

if i were an element i’d be air,

if i were a food i’d be creamy rich tallegio cheese, slightly tangy and salty but oh so irresitable,

if i were a place i’d be the Mediterranean,

if i were material i’d be silk,

if i were a taste i’d be pistachio gelato,

if i were a scent i’d be bergamot, sandalwood, neroli, rose and ripe fruit,

if i were a body part i’d be an eye,

if i were a song i’d be Mercy,

if i were a bird i’d be a Chickadee,

if i were a gift i’d be a loving embrace,

if i were a city i’d be Florence,

if i were a door i’d be a glass door that let sunlight in,

if i were a pair of shoes i’d be sexy slingbacks,

if i were a poem i would be this: Footprints...because God is always there to lift you up, even when you feel that he isn't there.

This moment of self indulgence was inspired by Debi over at Emmatree and Graciel of Evenstar Art.

If you'd like to play along, I'd love to find out what you'd be.  Leave a comment with a link to your post.  Thanks, my lovely friends!


Graciel @ Evenstar Art said...

Oh, that was fantastic! And none of it surprised me. It's a privilege to know you so well. :)

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Great learning more about you Kasia.

And the carying part is wonderul in the picture.


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