Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A New Direction

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Some say that life cycles in sevens.  Every seven years your cells have fully regnerated and the human body is completely brand new.  Seven is a spiritual number, that is true, yet in the cycles of seven it is five that seems to have my life defined.  Case in point: in the year 2000 I had my first child and started a new job.  Five years later, things changed again with moves, meeting new groups of people, job changes.  Now, again, five years down the road, things are about to take me on a new journey.  I have switched jobs (really, seriously, nearly 5 years to the date).  I will no longer be directing the Handbell Group that I have been with for 5 years.  There is more, of course, but I must keep some things close to my heart.  Suddenly it feels as if so much has fallen away, that burdens have been lifted and doors opened so that I can fill my coffers with new and exciting escapades.  I feel the breeze....and it feels so good.

All that said, my creative side is making a change as well.  My designs are evolving into something more intricate and one of a kind.  Bejeweled, curved and complex (much like me...snicker).  No longer is cookie cutter appealing to me, although my current dedsigns that are simpler can, and will stay in the lineup, you will now be seeing the addition of these more decadent beauties.  Also, with my Body Luxe line, I too will be ramping it up, so to speak, with layered and thoughtful fragrances that speak to your body, mind and spirit.  I have discovered that "one note" is just not me.  That's good, because I have been stuggling to be myself yet trying to please the masses.  And although that may be my business side talking, I still need to find room for the the unique and unusal.  Without that, I will not evolve...or be happy.

Change is good.

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