Friday, July 2, 2010


~*:: Convergence Necklace in Sterling Silver, $49 at Kasia Blue ::*~

Balance.  It is a common theme that has been woven through my life like fine silken thread handspun by the hand of God.  Things are never one way or the other, for a balancing force will come to equalize any joy, celebration, heartbreak or woe.  In my life, they are hand in hand.

It's funny, others seem to have continual flow of goodness (whether real or perceived)  that does not seem to be countered by the notorious balancing force that is swift and timely.  Maybe it is not their lot to be down the middle road, the one that I have chosen to walk in this lifetime.  Maybe they have chosen boundless abundance and an easy life.  I'm sure that all is not as beautiful as it seems looking through the kaleidoscope of life.

I chose to call the above necklace Convergence, for it seems to be the perfect balance between soft and hard, angular and smooth.  I love the smoothness of the cut plane that contrasts with the rough crystalline druzy that awaits on the inside.  A perfect balance of natural beauty.

 Balance has kept things in perspective.  Balance has made me compassionate, loving and thankful for all that I do have.  There is always bliss to be found in despair, direction in the mire of stagnancy, hope in the darkness of the soul and love in the heartbreak of loss.

All being said, I am grateful.

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Som's Studio said...

What a lovely necklace and an even lovelier thought behind naming it! I adore Druzy and this Aqua color is spectacular!


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