Thursday, January 22, 2009

Behind the Curtain

He is there
you feel him waiting
behind the curtain
Silent footsteps
as he draws near
Your heart is pounding
his breath
brushes your ear
sending chills
down your spine

why is he here

I have locked all the doors
closed the windows
sealed all the entrances
save for one

oh, how could I forget
the door that he steals through
each and every time
the one that can't be locked
for it may never open again
what a sly and cunning
lover is he
skillfully playing his game
the moment is right
he thinks

Now you are ready
I have come to take you
What is your name?
I ask
Why are you here?

I am here because
you have let me in
I am here because
you have called my name
Through your darkness
you have summoned me
into your heart
because of this
I will bring you
to the edge of reason
and pull you away
before you fall
only to push you over
when you least expect it
I will haunt you
til you are mad
then fly away in the darkness
like a whisper
I will caress you slowly
raise the hairs on your body
and chill you to the bone
I am the darkness
that lies in your heart
I am the unknown path
I am that uneasy feeling
I am complex
and as simple as
a four letter word
I am
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