Monday, August 18, 2008

My Booty from Plundering

Seriously gorgeous kyanite briolettes!

Whiskey quartz huge focal briolettes. Anyone for a shot of Crown?

Incredible blue flash labradorite. I think that I held these for about an hour straight the other day!

The color palette.
I truly have to say that I have a problem. I'm admitting it! I don't understand it, but I could look and play with my gemstones all day long. Seriously! These pics are from my recent trip to a trade show for all us gemmy gals (and guys) that can't get enough of pretty little rocks. So, I'm sending out a little sneek peak at my fall/winter collection and...the inspiration for my catalog. There it is in catalog. Does that make me official?

I was reading my friend Gracie's blog tonight and something that she said really struck home. We are always looking for the answers, for someone to make the decision for us. To make things better, to choose our paths in life, to tell us what is right and what is wrong.

But, guess what?

We are the ultimate answer to everything that we are looking for.

We make the choices.
We put up the obstacles.

We are our own worst enemy.
We are the heroes.
We are everything that we want to be, and then some.

So stop listening to everyone else(including the voices in your head)...and be you.
I hope that you love the trinkets as much as I do. Someone has to share my obsession with me, you know!
{Visit Gracie's blog for more words of wisdom, beautiful insights, inspiration and love. }

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