Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I've been away...

I feel that I have been away for so long. (I mean the "me" part...selfish, indulgent and lazy) Tending to everyone else's needs, whims, desires. Working, working, and then working again.

Our summer is almost past, but I have yet to feel the sun's warmest rays make me want to run for shelter. I am an outcast to the sunshine, a reveler in dreams that have made me want for sandy beaches, salty air and blue skies. How could I have let this time slip away? My mind is cluttered, and I am tired. Wasn't this supposed to be simpler? Ah, as I have come to gather in my ripe old age of "foot on the banana peel to 40", nothing is as simple as it seems...or as we would like it to be.

Even a staycation would be nice...to reclaim the better parts of me.

Anyone ready for a roadtrip?


The picture is that of some beautiful glads that are growing in my backyard...aren't they stunning?

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