Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gems with Intention Contest

As some of you know, I have been in love with natural gemstones for an eternity. This penchant, this passion, is something that I was born with...collecting stones and pebbles along my path as far back as my mind can remember. I am drawn to them, entranced and mesmerized by their beauty, uniqueness and power. Therefore, I suppose that it's quite natural to be doing what I'm doing. Creating with natural gems soothes my soul, awakens my spirit and creates visions that sometimes that I can't quite explain...

Above are some selections from a new line of jewelry that I have made using these natural stones in combinations to invoke your power within. But, I need a name for them! So, since I am a bit stymied by what to call them, I am going to ask all of you to help me out. This will be a contest too, with the winner receiving their choice of any piece in this line up to a $25 value for free.
How does this work? First, you must leave a comment on my blog with a name that you have come up with. Once all entries are received (by March 30th), I will pick the 4 most popular names and set up a poll and we need to vote away! At the close of the poll, the winner will be chosen at random from all entries received.
No purchase neccessary to play, of course :)
Let the games begin!


Emily said...

Hi Kasia
A few suggestions..
Smokey Nugget for the first one.
It'd be easier if you don't mind me saying if they were all numbered and if each had a brief description of the materials, colours and so on (I don't trust my monitor!)
Amazonia for number 7 (if it's made of amazonite that is...and even if it isn't!)
Earth Tones for the last one.
Arizona Dream for number 2.
And that's it for the moment.
Hope you get some more entries.


Debbie said...

1.Smokey Reflections
2.A Rosary for Catherine
3.Spirit Medicine
4.Amber of Aida
5.Cosmic Hope
6.Serenity Now
7.Lemuria Moons
8.Glinda's Globe

Beautiful work,you're on a roll girlfriend!

Etsy WNY Team said...

thanks for entering gals! I will be setting up the poll in the next few days and we'll vote!


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